A Story of a Pillow – Your Tax Dollars at Work

OMG! This is a must share story of a pillow. It’s not every day you can mix pillows, government, human emotions, and taxes all into the same mix. We got the following story from a customer. We had to change some of the information to maintain confidentiality of our customer and given that our customer works for the government, we definitely had to change some information in the story to protect her and her job.

Story of a pillowConnie’s Story of A Pillow as Told by Her

Hi, I’m Connie, and I work for a comic villain… the government. I actually work for one of the largest taxing agencies in the nation at the state level as a tax auditor. You can only imagine my dilemma working at a job where no one likes you, no one is ever excited to see you, and it’s all negative vibes and hate on a one way road…. towards me and the taxes I represent. Also, the energy level and spirit in the office where I work is as energizing as former republican presidential candidate Ben Carson’s voice and demeanor. It’s definitely not an environment with joy and cheer.

The truth is that we, tax auditors, all hate our job. Our managers are awful, the politics behind the audit program are incredibly ridiculous, and the physical location of the building is hideous. It’s a miserable and depressing office environment, and anything to bring human life into the environment really makes a difference.

Our office has a terrible employee turn-over rate…. You can probably guess why! A former tax auditor, Sam who left due to the low pay and terrible work environment, came across the “In the Mood, Not In the Mood” pillow. He knew I have been struggling with this job and trying to get out, but I have not found my escape vessel—a new job.

The Turning Point

One day I was driving into the office with no desire to go to the audit I was assigned to that day. There I was driving through the plethora of road potholes in between the tents and RV’s of homeless people to get to the office parking lot when I saw a white car race up behind me really fast. I got a little nervous; especially since we constantly get threats at the office. The car followed me into the parking lot and parked next to me. To my surprise, it was Sam. He got out of his car, and he went to his trunk and pulled out the “In the Mood” pillow with, of course, the “In the Mood” side facing me. We both had a good laugh! Typically the only laugh I have at work are from the jokes we auditors make about our jobs.

I keep the pillow in my office and flip it to the appropriate side often. I flip it way too often. Usually when I arrive to the office, it’s immediately flipped to the “Not in the Mood” side. At 4:59 pm, I am off at 5:00 pm, the last thing I do before leaving the office is flip the pillow to the “In the Mood” side. The office staff have found humor in seeing the pillow on a daily basis and have found it humorous to see how often I am flipping the pillow. My supervisor has noticed the pattern I have established of flipping the pillow to the “Not in the Mood” side when she walks into my cubicle.

How it Changed the Attitude in the Office

Needless to say, it has really brought some life into the lifeless and emotionless work environment. Perhaps the best part of the pillow is that it reminds the few of us left in the office of Sam since he was the one who brought life into the office. It’s been quit and lifeless since he left. I just want to thank Sam and InkPillows.com for the pillow. The idea is awesome, and it has made a difference in my daily life at work. I’ll have to get one for my house and place it on my bed to hint towards my boyfriend.


In the End

There you have it, a story of a pillow that influenced the lives of many in a not so desirable work atmosphere. Your tax dollars at work from a ‘happy’ tax auditor. We really appreciate Connie’s story and the time she took to share it with us. Happy pillow shopping!

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