Want a true custom pillow?

I mean, completely designed your way front and back. Your colors, style, font, or whatever makes your heart content. Some people possess great ideas on new designs, but they might not have a designer to help their visions come true.

I am here to help!

I would gladly work with you to make your vision come to life. Shoot me an email by contacting me. We can set-up a video chat or a phone call to discuss. You can have your true custom pillow with everything you envisioned. The best part is it will be unique to what you wanted. The pillow design will never be posted for sale, unless we come to a specific agreement.

It would be a pleasure to work with artistic minds and bring your thoughts to life onto a pillow. A little bit about me. I am a graphic designer. My primary business is a company named iBrand Your Business. I’ve owned it for several years and have great success designing for clients. I am still very strong with my business, one of the reasons it took me nearly a year in a half for my family and I to launch InkPillows.com. Although, my work is primarily with businesses, my passion was to work with people too. The feeling of giving has always been a passion of mine. That’s why I wanted to build this business, so my designs touch people in a more personal manner.

Wishing you all the best,

Theresa Santa


Theresa Santa

I'm Theresa Santa, a Business Owner of IBYB / iBrand Your Business. I help people with graphic design and web development. Recently, I've ventured in an e-commerce shop called InkPillows.com. I really like to make people smile and laugh. This was an opportunity I didn't want to miss. This is a family business. Without them, I couldn't accomplish what I've done in the past 10 years of owning my business. Feeling very thankful.

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