Cancer Awareness Pillow – Never Give Up


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Cancer Awareness Pillow – Never Give Up

A lot of us spent this recent Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrating our parents by spending time with them. But for many, this time may be spent in a hospital, or not spent at all. This is largely due to cancer. So many people have cancer, and the least we can do to help them is encourage them to stay strong and keep fighting. The Cancer Awareness Pillow is an excellent gift to give to any cancer patient and/or their loved ones. It was designed to remind them to never give up on beating cancer. For those who have unfortunately lost a family member or friend to cancer, this cancer awareness pillow is a great way to help them cope with their loss. Pick a color scheme, personalize the back, and spread the message; never give up.

Recommended Uploaded Photo & Graphic Sizes – Avoid Blurry Pillows

As awesome as your picture may be when it’s small on your phone, it may not look as awesome when enlarged, so make sure your picture meets the following requirements by looking at the details in the properties of your file. These sizes are based on if you are covering the whole pillow.

  • 14″ x 14″ Pillow Size: Minimum 2,100px by 2,100px / Maximum 4,200px by 4,200px (BEST Results)
  • 18″ x 18″ Pillow Size: Minimum 2,700px by 2,700px / Maximum 5,400px by 5,400px (BEST Results)
  • 26″ x 26″ Pillow Size: Minimum 3,900px by 3,900px / Maximum 7,800px by 7,800px (BEST Results)

Example: You have an awesome clear photo sized at 4,000px by 3,000px. Let’s face it, photos are typically rectangular. This photo would look great on the 14″ or the 18″ pillow. Move or resize the picture, and the tool will automatically crop out any areas you don’t want on the pillow.

If you’re uploading other graphics, such as a smiley face to add to the pillow, keep it safe with at least 3,000 x 3,000 pixels and no larger than 7,800 x 7,800 pixels. The closer the pixels to 7,800 (72 dpi), the better the picture quality. Although we can print a picture with less than 3,000 pixels, We don’t recommend it because the picture will print distorted, especially on the largest pillow, and we want you to have an awesome pillow to show off to the world. Let’s get started!

Do you need a quick tutorial on the Designer?

Click on the guided tour icon Guided Tour Icon in the designer. We highly recommend you use a computer connected to the internet instead of a mobile device. If you’re on an Apple tablet you may need to double tap on an image to add to the canvas. Here is a video to help.

Do you have questions about the Cancer Awareness Pillow?

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Additional information

Colors for Cancer Awareness

Black and Hot Pink, Black and White and Muted Pink, Light Pink and Hot Pink, White and Hot Pink, White with Black and Muted Pink


14 x 14, 18 x 18, 26 x 26


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