Let’s Talk Romance Gift Ideas

Gifts Ideas are Tough

When asked who the most difficult person to gift is, chances are your immediate response is your spouse or partner. Gifts these days are hard to come up with, expensive, and they often end up in storage, recycling bin, or the Goodwill. Well, it’s time to change those habits and time to get gifts that are meaningful, useful, and remembered. Here are some gift ideas for the next big romantic day with your cuddle buddy. InkPillows.com can definitely help you come up with a gift that is meaningful, useful, and remembered.

Let's Talk Romance Gift IdeasChocolate and Wine

You can do the boring old flowers, card, and wine. The flowers will eventually die and go to the trash, the card will be recycled, and the wine eventually goes down the toilet or urinal (although I happen to know Theresa, Owner of InkPillows.com loves her wine). This time make the gift last longer and make an impression. How about some chocolate dipped strawberries with swirls from Shari’s Berries and add your favorite wine from BevMo or Total Wine? Even then both the berries and wine will end up down the toilet, so add a spin to the gift. InkPillows.com has several designs for love birds which can be customized for long term or short term love birds. Even if the relationship is more like two stray dogs meeting for just the moment, the pillows can be personalized, so whatever floats your boat (please no inappropriate pictures). You can choose from our catalog and add your own text or create your own pillow using our incredible customization tool to add backgrounds, pictures, text, and or images. Don’t be shy, click on one of the links.

Candles and Setting the Mood

There is a plethora of romantic ideas! Are you and your partner into candles? Bath and Body Works has a vast array of candle selection to satisfy your candle fetish. Choose a pillow from our pre-designed pillows to match the color and mood of your candle. Pillows can actually be very sexy and help set the mood… wink…wink! Imagine personalizing the pillow to his or her liking, and he or she arrives home and goes to the bedroom to swap out from his / her work clothes but is surprised to find, on a neatly made bed in a candle lit room, a single rose resting on a pillow displaying a picture of a very special moment you and your partner had. Seriously…. Score! Imagine “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” by Rod Stewart comes on and you walk into the bedroom wearing his her favorite outfit swinging an object with one finger… OMG—what a gift to find after a long day’s work!

Healthy Choice

Maybe candles, sugar, or alcohol, aren’t your thing. Maybe your relationship is built on healthy stuff. There is absolutely nothing wrong with healthy stuff… after all… your romantic moment is just that much sexier! Alright, so Edible Arrangements does some healthy and fancy arrangements made of fruit. Add a colorful pillow to match your arrangement. Then add something nice to say on the pillow, and you’ll need to make the home a little more “special” by sending the kids away to Rock N Jump and a pizza dinner followed by a sleep over with friends across town or even in another state. Turn on some Barry White music to set the mood, and you’ve got yourself a bonafide romantic evening of a lifetime. Seriously, if you’re any one over the age of 18 years old, that’s gotta sound appealing. Most likely it sounds appealing to just about anyone even if your evening alone is spent video game bingeing or holding each other super tight and watching your favorite season of “The Office.”

Traditional Approach with a Spin

Ok, so tradition doesn’t have to be boring, and it doesn’t have to keep repeating to the point where it’s just flat out monotonous! You can do the flowers and the wine, but instead of the card, put the words and design onto a pillow and have it last forever. Here is an easy 1-2-3 step process to completely put your partner head over heels:

Let's Talk Romance Gift Ideas1) Choose some flowers from 1-800 Flowers
2) Go to the pillow designer, put a nice background on the pillow from our free background choices
3) Slap a heart on there and some nice words as text…. (Need tips. Get our FREE E-Book with Writing Tips. Click Here!)

Vuala! You’ve just melted his or her heart down to the point where you have them totally and utterly under your control… Now you choose what happens next!


Whatever the romantic occasion is, there are options. The important aspect and the meaning behind the idea isn’t spending time together…. It’s the pillow!… Totally Kidding! Obviously the important part is spending time together, but how much more awesome is the surprise with a pillow that tells the recipient, “I Love You, Lets go to the bedroom!” Alright, maybe that’s getting ahead of ourselves, but seriously, a pillow can express anything. An apology, a sincere expression, or maybe a reminder how much you love when the two of you cuddle tight on the couch each day after work, and how you can’t live without that part of your day. The expressions on a pillow are limitless! You can mix and match some of the ideas from this article. You can come up with your own cool ideas with something like The Nod Box and add a pillow to the idea. Whatever it is you do, it must include a pillow from InkPillows.com. After all, after reading this incredible and inspirational article, why wouldn’t you include a pillow from us?


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