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Our Biggest Cheerleader, Barbara Viteri, CEO of Designerlebrity

Barbara Viteri of Designerlebrity made it possible for to be on these television networks. She specializes in spotlighting celebrity interior news, headlines, products, events and exclusives. Her story is absolutely amazing. You can get a glimpse of it by watching this video here: Designerlebrity.

Barbara reached out to me (Theresa, creator of, last Christmas. I was a bit skeptical as people who have reached out in the past are looking to promote the business for unaffordable amounts of money.

I must admit it was Christmas time. I was on vacation with a terrible cold, so I sort of brushed it off until after the Holiday break. When I finally got a chance to speak with Barbara, I found she wasn’t like any other promoter I’ve ever had spoken with in the past. She was more interested in me as a person, business woman, and my story. It was like talking to an old friend I hadn’t spoken to in years. Before I knew it, my pillows were on national T.V. stations. She believed in me and the purpose of It is with profound gratitude that God sent her my way.

I don’t think I could ever repay her for what she did for my family. She boosted our business for thousands of viewers to see and learn the name “” We won’t ever forget, so I’m dedicating this press page to her. Thank you Barbara Viteri.

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