InkPillows Custom Pillow Recipient – Pat

Pat was given this pillow for Christmas. She lived in California for most of her life, and she moved out of state to be closer to her family. What a move for Pat! For Christmas, she was given this “Home is Where the Heart Is Pillow.” On the back, it was a warm welcome from all her family members. They were so excited to have her near!

You see, Pat lived California in a senior mobile home community. Her neighbors were very friendly and kind. But as time went by the city got more congested with traffic. She had to plan her outings very carefully just to leave home. Her two sons had moved out of state. The decision was difficult. Should she leave her home she had lived in for nearly 30 years?

You see, Pat lived alone. She’s a very strong woman at 76 years of age. She knew she didn’t want to be away from her sons and her only granddaughter. Some how she found the inner strength inside of her and starting packing and selling all the stuff she had collected over the years. Her sons and family went back to help her with the heavy lifting. She did it!

Pat Today!

She was able to pack all her stuff, and drive her car across the states. Her son, of course, was not too far in front of her. But she had the will power to do it. Now she lives in a gorgeous upscale 4 bedroom 1 story home. It has a lot of privacy. She even has her own garage. That’s something she didn’t have in her mobile home park. Best of all, her family is just a drive away. She can visit any time she’d like. Her family is ecstatic to have her at driving distance too.

It’s a move to remember by all. It was worth it! She is so happy, and her family is too. Home is Where the Heart Is, and that’s the truth!

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Theresa Santa

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