About InkPillows.com and Owner Theresa Santa

What about InkPillows.com?

My name is Theresa, the founder of InkPillows.com owned by IBYB / iBrand Your Business. I’m the one on the right of my two kids. Inkpillows.com is a place where you’ll find a unique concept of having a stylish design on one side of the pillow and a custom printed greeting on the other.About InkPillows.com

My specialty is in creative design. I love waking up and creating something that didn’t exist the day before. Further, it warms my heart when my creation makes people smile.  In my opinion, the world needs more smiles, happiness and love.

What you’ll find in these pillows is a unique way to convey meaningful and motivational messages. I’ve been told by clients they can’t help but to glance at their personalized pillows, read them and smile. They typically see the pillows in the morning while making their bed. It gives them a certain motivation to start the day with a positive outlook.

With any shopping business, it tends to get super busy during the Holidays. My family helps me quite a bit. My amazing husband and teenage daughter are always there to support and help me with the business when I need it.

I am very grateful, especially, since exceptional customer service is a huge factor for success in any business. Together, we make it happen for our clients. After all, I want my clients to come back and give positive feedback!

How did the idea come about?

About three years ago, I started to design stuff with personalized greetings for gifts. When I started to put the greetings on pillows, it caught the attention of friends and neighbors. The idea started to grow by word of mouth, and people started to ask where they can order such pillows.

Meanwhile, my daughter, who is now in her senior year of high school, has been working hard to make us, mom and dad, proud of her scholastic goals. Her grades are exceptional. She’s been accepted into an awesome university. College tuition is so outrageously expensive that scholarships aren’t even enough to help. So, the light bulb went off in my head, and InkPillows.com was born.

So, what’s the blog all about?

Ok guys and gals, let’s be honest! Gifting materialistic things to a special person is hard and most of the time, expensive! I’ve been with the same man for over 20 years! What can I possibly get him next? Most Americans are busy people. We have busy lifestyles and tend to forget important dates that mean the world to the special people in our lives.

What I want to do with the blog is build a community that helps each other. We can talk about ideas to never forget important dates. You can share what you had printed on your pillow (some people need help conveying their message). Share awesome recipes. Both food and deserts. Let’s talk about your favorite dish, your favorite beverage.  I want our blog to be a place where you can rest easy of what you’ll do next for your special person.  Whoever your special person is in your life, let’s keep them smiling!

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